Monday, September 9, 2013

NIV College Devotional Bible

I first read the Bible some time ago and it has charm straight. But, the full experience requires commentary, background and contemplation. The reader, Christian or not, is well advised to take each into consideration, if they wish to truly understand and enjoy the benefits of the book -- yes, it is the "Holy Book," but this is basic to any great work of literature.  So, it should be here as well.

This Bible is one of many -- there is in effect a cottage industry out there of Bibles geared to various groups. One review thought this might get to the point that things will be watered down:
The NIV Bible is for everyone and to prove it Zondervan will make a version for you. The version differences? You'll get a different cover and a bunch of topically sorted comments/devotions. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Got you covered: NIV Outdoorsman Bible. Are you a young girl? NIV Faithgirlz! Bible, Revised Edition. Teen? NIV Teen Study Bible. Teen guy? NIV Revolution: The Bible for Teen Guys: Updated Edition. Married? NIV Couples' Devotional Bible: New International Version. What if someone in your family is in the military? Even that: NIV New Testament - Military Family (with Psalms): Peace for the Military Family. And a million more.
Oh, I think that a bit unfair though I understand the concern. This copy has the basics, including such things as Table of Weights and Measures and blank pages for journals. It is a pretty attractive copy -- this might be deemed trivial, but if you just want a Bible with no frills at all, would you get this one? -- though the cover is a bit bland. Perhaps, it is intended to look like a college textbook?

The Bible has various lessons intermingled between the readings though they don't really seem consistently geared to students particularly.  There is a little lesson and some questions the answer and think about. It should be noted that this version is Protestant though as a Catholic, I can tell you that the average reader very well might not know the difference though the books of Tobit and Judith are two are of my favorite ones.

Overall, I think the lessons are interesting, but nothing you know, fascinating. So, three stars.

* I received this book for review from Book Sneeze, but this review is my own.