Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Born

This is an intriguing fantasy that has something to say about gender dynamics.

Tiadone, the narrator (in first person present tense -- we are told things as they are happening), is a girl raised as a boy. Why? Well, a first born (thus the title)  girl would have been killed.  This is unfortunately not just a matter of fiction in the world, more so in the not too far past.  The result, and this too suggests the parable qualities of the novel (many could relate about trying to live the life of someone they are not), in problems as she has to struggle against her true nature.  Particularly as she comes of age, including as feminine traits/strengthens come out.

The book takes place in a dystopian age in tribal conditions and a whole different world is colorfully drawn for the reader. I would recommend it for readers who like fantasy and science fiction, especially strong female characters.  The ending suggests a sequel or series is in the works. 

BookLook Bloggers provided this book in return for a review.  The opinions are my own.