Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lead Me Home

I am not familiar with Stacy Hawkins Adams works or the "Winds of Change" series, but the plot of the book looked intriguing, so took a chance.  One thing that made me check it out was the main character's concern that her role as pastor's wife and mom of some boys was not enough for her, particularly with a successful professional sister.  Whatever the ultimate decision, it is interesting to examine such issues.

To provide a thumbnail sketch of the plot.  Shiloh Griffin is out of sorts, the book starting with a bit of foreshadowing having to do with her having trouble a musical piece. Some "shame" is pressing on her soul as well.  We learn about that later.  First, she volunteers part-time to teach music at a local high school, while some drama is going on at her church, including involving her women's church group. This goes on in the background while something deeper -- that forces her to come clean -- occurs with a student, who finds out that she is pregnant. 

Now, this is a conservative Christian novel, so the "proper" path involving pregnancy is well known.  I won't address how Stacy and the student's situation turned out, but the first few pages of the book should be a pretty good hint on at least one of them.  But, that isn't the only thing that is weighing on Stacy's mind -- she did more than one questionable thing as a teenager with lingering results.  Spoiler here -- I saw no need for her to tell all of this to each member of her family like this, including to her children.  I see the value of coming clean, but at some point, come on. Also, the student's fate was something of a cop-out.

All considered? I thought the writing a bit hackneyed though it kept your interest.  I think it dragged on too long -- it could have been shorter. Didn't agree with certain plot developments, but that is probably a matter of opinion.  Overall, I think it was okay, and if you felt attached to the lead character, you might be a bit more generous with your rating. 

* I received this book free from Book Sneeze, but the opinion is independent of that and the opinion of merely the author of this review.

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