Friday, February 14, 2014

No Cape Required - A Devotional : 52 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Hero

The Bible is filled with stories that provide lessons for our daily lives. Jesus particularly saw the value of using stories, parables, to promote a lesson.  It is helpful and often fun way to educate. A primary way this is done are sagas of various "heroes" from Abraham to David and beyond.  At the same time, other cultures also had their own heroes -- like found in the Iliad or Romulus and Remus.  And, trend continued over the centuries, to modern times, now often in television and movies.

And, this is the subject of this book. It uses heroes in works like Star Trek or The Hunger Games to provide short lessons on subjects like charity, justice, hope in others, mentoring, wisdom, bravery and so on.  Let's take an example. Robin Hood is used to discuss charity.  We start with a biblical quote and then the hero's place in literature and cultural history is discussed. Then, we return to a biblical connection, given a prayer to use and examples of how to be charitable in your everyday life. Nothing profound, but especially for those who like movies and the like, it is a good way to use popular culture to teach lessons.  And, there are a lot of examples provided, at least some of which will appeal to many of the readers.

It is a creative idea done fairly well. The video is not quite connected to the book but seemed catchy.

Note: This book was given to me free by Book Sneeze [now BookLook]  in return for this review.

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