Saturday, March 26, 2016

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Hi again. BookLook Bloggers provided this volume (subtitle: "My Story of Finding Hope after Domestic Abuse," I'm using the capitalization found on the cover here) free in return for a review.  

They specialized in Christian books, including Zondervan publishing. This book is by an author who has wrote for them before. She will be familiar to many, including going by the acknowledgments three unnamed Supreme Court justices who assisted in some fashion. Some will be more familiar with the question posed earlier: "Should marriage be based on a model of mutual submission and equality [her position] or on a model of male headship? Some might also be upset that she does not go into more detail when discussing biblical citations. I found one review that complained about this. 

I don't come at this from the theological background of some readers or the author herself, who has a Ph.D., many books and a long career teaching. So, though I at times did find the biblical snapshots a bit too general, a lack of detailed biblical exegesis did not really upset me. Early on, the author suggested stories, here a biography of her own experiences (with two decades of hindsight from her divorce for perspective), could be most helpful. And, her own story and others (including various biblical and literary lights, including Charles Dickens) is very helpful in that respect. 

The book uses these stories mixed in with a discussion of various angles involved in dealing with domestic violence, focusing on women being the victims.  She overall comes off as a liberal feminist generally speaking but accepts the Bible as is -- e.g., no reference that Timothy is not really "Paul" but Pauline writing written after his death.  She also at one point respects Tipper Gore's concerns over rock lyrics and without context opposes Fifty Shades of Grey. Nonetheless, a person not really biblical orientated could appreciate the book.  It should have a wide readership there.  It helps that it is down to earth, conversational in tone. Again, not reading her past work, don't know if this is a standard style.  It just worked for me. 

I think this was very good but would have appreciated an index. Maybe, that was a cost-saving device. The quotations, including on the Acknowledgment Page (an amusing quirk), worked as well.

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