Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Said Yes

Hi again.  BookLook Bloggers provided this volume free in return for a review. Here you go.

I'm not a fan of the Bachelor or Bachelorette ... at least did not watch either show ... but admit to finding the concept somewhat intriguing.  The mindset of someone who would go on such a show and the chance to provide a behind the scenes look was basically my thoughts when choosing this book.  Looking at her biography and such, she also seemed to be an attractive woman who I was somewhat interested in hearing more about.  To give you a taste on my expectations here.

Early on, a theme was suggested by the author -- she wrote the book with A.J. Gregory who wrote two books (per her website) "which chronicles finding faith in the middle of unavoidable and sometimes harsh realities." -- when Emily admitted to having second thoughts about "saying yes" to a second engagement.  The book in effect is her life story and how she can say "yes," yes to "hoping, dreaming, wishing" again and be satisfied with her choices.

This book is not just a story of her experiences on reality programming though that is eventually handled.  This should be kept in mind if you choose this book.  Some have noted this -- they were disappointed with the amount of time spent on her early years and family life.  But, the book is about Emily Maynard Johnson, not "Emily, reality t.v. star."  And, this is seen in the book as a whole -- it is a very person book.  It if anything overuses the word "I," actually.  The personal is a plus in the book, since you get a sense of the person and it feels real. 

Let me summarize my feelings on the book as a whole.  Overall, it was a pleasant book, easy to read and regarding a subject with a deep enough biography (including some tragedy) to warrant a biography.  Her struggles, keep the faith (multiple biblical references) and success story in finding the "real deal" to be happy with shows how a Christian reader will appreciate this story. Honestly, some might be turned off by us of a reality show to obtain a mate, which might be deemed wrong. I was somewhat disappointed the chapters on her experience there did not go in more detail, but it is good to get her perspective on that point as well.  Finally, honestly, at thirty years old, her life is obviously only in the first stage.  I prefer biographies that cover more ground there.

Basically, it was a middle of the road read, good for what it was.  I would give it three stars out of five.  Till next time!

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