Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Garden Gate

I have not reviewed something for a while but by chance saw a reference to Book Look and decided to return to the fold.  To move to a new book, I first have to handle this one.  The book was provided to me free and in return am obligated merely to provide my opinion.  It is my own alone.

Okay.  This book is apparently part of a series, one I'm not familiar with, so perhaps reading it cold is not ideal. But, it also provides a different perspective as well.  Overall, the book is written in the point of view of a young woman and her experience with the spirit world, particularly angels. This book specifcally focuses on Prissie's saying good bye to her angel friend Koji, as well as the further development of her friendship with the young man Ransom. The most interesting story line with in the book is the interactions with Adin, a fallen angel that has been tormenting Prissie for some time.

I think that I would have liked it better if I read it from the beginning of the series.  Nonetheless, overall, it was a decent read.  Average basically thus the three stars.

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